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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:30, saturday, september 19. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," there's no room at the inn so to speak. the secret service reveals how many people will see the pope celebrate mass on the parkway. a suspect is arrested in the highway shootings in arizona. it is the final weekend of
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summer, feels like that. how much longer will little last? not much longer. today is nice. >> today is warmer, we'll get a cold front coming in next week him it will feel like fall i promise you. >> reporter: here's the live view in atlantic city, we're looking at caesar and bally's, we have increase in humidity allowing dense fog to form across south jersey and delaware and interior sections -- excuse me southeastern pennsylvania. here's a look at the visibility around the region. reading looks like they are sitting at 10. poconos 8. allentown, 5. you can see what happens the farther south and east you go, we're less than a mild across south jersey and delaware. lancaster, 4. wilmington .3. that's the same number for wildwood and millville. over the next couple of hours the fog will lift. it's a combination of sun and
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clouds the rest of the way. we're watching this cold front right here. you see showers and thunderstorms associated with it. by the time it slides through the delaware valley most of the moisture evaporates. sun and clouds, 86 degrees, you'll notice the increase in humidity. we're dry by 3:00 p.m., 84. 6:00 p.m., 83. when i come back in a few minutes we'll have the weekend forecast as well as the 7 day forecast. >> we're looking at the countdown clock until pope francis arrives in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. a stretch of the benjamin franklin parkway will completely shut down in a half-hour as the work continues on the alter for the pope's mass next sunday. the inner drive closes thursday, the outer drive closes kelly drive. drivers coming from martin luther king will be diverted off
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eakens oval at 24th street ramp to the vine street expressway. meanwhile, as many as a million people are expected to crowd the parkway to see the holy father. "action news" has learned that only a small fractions may make it to the parkway. >> reporter: outside the basilica, the excitement is buildings for the papal visit a week away. >> once in a lifetime. i'm very excited. >> i have france fever. >> reporter: the faithful preparing for a celebration like none other that has construction crews working into the night on the benjamin franklin parkway. >> i hope it's big, i think it. it seems like the city is preparing for a party. >> reporter: but how big? mayor nutter said he expects a million pilgrims to attend sunday mass, but the secret service said less than # --
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300,000 will fit on the parkway. 08,000 in the ticketed area in red and 200,000 in the purple area. meaning many people without tickets won't get near the parkway. >> that doesn't fade michelle. >> i don't have tickets, i might walk up and see and feel and watch it on one of the large tvs. i'm excited for the city and to have the pope here it's a honor. >> reporter: unlike major concerts in live aid the area for spectators will be narrower, the owrpt lanes of the parkway -- outer lanes of the parkway will be off limits for security. these catholics say that may scare away some, but not them. >> it's no a world leader, the most powerful man in the world. >> people who have decided that they are coming are going to get here. >> reporter: world meeting of
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families said there will be tvs around the city that people can watch the mass. it is part. dispenser being together and holding hands and singing and praying together. on the art museum steps jeff chirico. >> a warning for those in the vehicle zone officials will starting point to tow cars beginning at 6:00 p.m. there are exemptions for residents who have special-city-issued placards. the first stretch from the art museum southeast to beyond city hall. you can see it on the map. new jersey governor chris christie signed an executive order yesterday that authorizes the use of the national guard. it allows the state to change traffic flow on roads that may be particularly relevant to camden since the ben franklin bridge will be shut down to cars starting at 10:00 p.m. next friday. go to our website at
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for all the details on the security and traffic restriction also. it is in a special section for news on the pope's visit. a teenager has been arrested in a double shooting. it happened at 27th and snyder streets in the city's point breeze section last night. responding officers rushed the victims to penn presbyterian hospital. a 19-year-old woman and 16-year-old brother were shot. they are in stable condition. a 15-year-old was arrested a short time later. police recovered the gun allegedly used in the shooting. meanwhile, police are looking for a shooter in a deadly shooting in north philadelphia on the 2600 block of north 7th street. the 34-year-old man was hit several times, the victim was not identified. delaware newsroom, new castle county police mounted patrol has been deployed in wilmington's rodney square in response to a murder. thomas cunningham was stabbed to
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death when he stepped in to protect a mother and baby from a knife-wielding attacker. his sister talked to "action news." >> he was a helper, that's what he did. i don't want nobody judge him how he dressed or what he looked or what he listened to, the clothes don't make the person, the heart, my brother had the biggest heart. >> police charged calvin hooker iii with the murder. police in arizona are urging drivers to remain vigilant after argue suspect in connection with four shootings on the area highway. they say for his weapon to the crimes. nobody was seriously injured, but a 13-year-old girl was hurt
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by flying glass. authorities in massachusetts identified the little girl known always baby doe as bella. her mother's boyfriend is charged with murder, the little girl's mother is behind bars. >> we alleged that mccarthy caused bella's death that he did so intentionally that he and pond took specific steps to keep bella's death a secret and avoid prosecution. >> bella's body was found june 25th. because nobody ever reported her missing, police used a computer generated image to find out ho she was. there's a concern about a dozen playgrounds in mercer county. they are blocked off because of dangerous conditions. nora muchanic has the details. >> reporter: the playground is wrapped in orange fencing to
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keep kids from playing here based on on reports the hamilton school district close 15 of 17 playgrounds after inspectors found hazardous conditions including stress cracks, holes and sharp edges and sliding board decks in danger of collapsing. >> it's scary to hear that the kids will be on the equipment and they be hurt. >> kids are kids, but everything has to be safe to play on. >> reporter: the decision to close the playgrounds was a difficult one, but the only option available to insure the safety of students. these playgrounds are kept up by the school district, but not the township, but the mayor is offering help to repair them. >> i know prior prior a going to take time.
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>> >> reporter: students are still playing outdoors during resces, but the playground equipment is off limits. >> we play taxes, right, put this money for good, the issues is for our kids to be safe. >> reporter: nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, earn money for clothes he you don't wear or save big on big brand names, it's a win/win situation. we have the details on a store in delaware county. >> we are issuing the yellow caution flag to travelers this morning. areas of dense fog has formed. i'll have the details, plus the weekend forecast coming up after this.
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>> heavy rains led to major flight delays in the chicago area. o'hare and midway were affected. storms led to flooding and spawned a tornado south of chicago. that area always sees so much severe weather like that. >> reporter: traffic is like that anyway. >> they haven't seen the schuylkill. >> reporter: that's true. the let's get you outside and show you what's going on. that's the shot of wilmington, you can't see too much of anything, the fog is starting to settle in in parts of the area,
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main south and east of philadelphia. because of the increase in humidity we've seen over the last 1 hours. we're showing 66 degrees in philadelphia. a dewpoint of 63. all week long it's been nice and comfortable dewpoints in the 40s and 50s. it felt like a breath of fresh air. this is a little more sticky, the temperatures have cooled down. winds are out of the south at 3 miles per hour. here's a look at the visibility. we're doing okay north and west, south and east it's a mess. visibility is down to a quarter mile for everybody from wilmington to millville to wildwood, atlantic city, they are not reporting visibility at this hour. beach haven a half mile and trenton at of miles. we'll see the dense fog over the next couple of hours it will burn off as the sun continues to climb. 60 degrees in reading. allentown, a cooler 55.
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trenton, 62. philadelphia, 66 degrees, during the hours we're expecting it to feel slightly more humid, high temperatures top out at 85, 86. this will be the last of the warm stretch of weather over the last few days. this cold front will knock temperatures back down to where they should be for this time of the year back into the 70s. mid 80s this afternoon, southwesterly breezes. upper 70s tomorrow, northwesterly breezes, the cooler weather settles in monday or tuesday. combination of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon showers. again, maybe a little bit breezy tbriment, but no big -- from time to time, but no big deal. there's the cold front, the air is so dry, as the front approaches the area it will eat that moisture up. central portions of pennsylvania, upstate new york will see showers or thunderstorms out of the cold front, but for us here in the delaware valley we're not looking at too much of anything at all. by 4:30 sunday afternoon, the
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eagles taking on the cowboys. we're crystal clear with the temperatures falling into the upper 70s. sun and clouds warm for the lehigh valley. 85 degrees is the forecasted high. jersey shore, 79. same thing sun and clouds, the humidity going to be noticeably higher on the sand than what we are expecting in the city. for the city we'll go 85 degrees, combination of sun and clouds, warm, winds out of the south 5 to 15 miles per hour. partly cloudy and quiet overnight tonight nice, 62 degrees outlying suburbs, 68 for center city. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, finally looking more like fall. 78 degrees tomorrow, a little bit breezy during the afternoon we'll see how that plays in the with the game later on. cloudy and breezy, monday, 74. tuesday, 76 degrees, fall facially begins on wednesday. it's going to be a little bit warmer, but at least we're in the 70s. 79. thursday, sunny skies, another 79. friday, nice and quiet,
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77 degrees, that's a completely dry seven-day forecast. i don't see any rain over the next few days. >> reporter: which we did need rain. i forget what it was, but it was about a week ago, we had the drenching downpours, the last three or four weeks have been bone dry. >> i want the rain to come on a wednesday. >> reporter: why a wednesday. >> because it's the middle of the week. this week on vision 2015 we'll look at how the eagles are expanding their reach with the spanish tv audience. walter perez has the preview. >> reporter: that's the voice of the philadelphia eagles in espanole. ricky has been in the game foreover 30 years. he has seen it spread into the spanish culture.
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>> the love of football has been growing in south and central america or years. linebacker was born in central america. his fluency in spanish and english has his fans surprised. >> it can relate to a >> you can watch 2015 celebration of
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7 on degrees right now. "healthcheck" this morning, child obesity is a major concern. a new report is sounding the alarm after a third of kids make fast food a daily choice that was the same as the 1990 before a widespread push to eat healthier. french fries and pizza are a contributor to kids being overweight. kids are seeing high blood pressure and type two diabetes. alcohol rise. half involved children under the age of 1. doctors say older kids are drinking it, too, hand sanitizers are the 5% alcohol. many people who survive a heart attack take an accident to
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prevent heart attack. it might help avoid a first heart attack or stroke. people in their 50s could benefit from daily aspirin if they have a high risk of heart disease and low risk of bleeding. the new guidelines are controversial. last year, the fda ruled there was not enough evidence to support first heart attacks and risk of bleeding in the brain is high. >> for most people who have not developed heart disease taking aspirin to prevent heart disease is not the right thing to do.
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>> welcome back we're taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge on this saturday morning, 70 degrees, 5:54.
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google's revamped mobile payment system is ready to be used right now. android pay app is being rolled. it's similar to apple pay and old google wallet. you can store the information in the app and tap your phone at a terminal to make payments. the world's two largest beer makers are trying to anheuser-busch wants to buy miller, which produces miller light. if a deal does go through it would create a super brewery with one company selling 9 of the world's top 20 beers. cloths men store in springfield delaware county is run by a husband and wife. they are offering clothes and shoes and accessories and major deals on major names. >> that's the magic of resell.
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>> reporter: cold-hard cash for your clutter. >> you're taking care of the world by doing this. >> reporter: unlike consignment where you have to wait for your items to sell to get paid. clothes mentor makes an offer right then and there. if you choose to spend the money in the store you can earn more. >> for sellers you can earn 40% back on things that are basically taking up space in the closet. for shoppers we're looking at 70% off retail. >> let's look at these jimmy choo boots. >> reporter: they were $1,000. they are $60. >> they were over $700 in the store and $250 here. this watch was more than $3,000 retail. it is $800 here. this necklace. >> retail $1,200, in our
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480-dollar. >> reporter: they only accept items that are current and in excellent condition. >> many stores don't take plus size, but we love it. >> and tons for the mama's to be. >> you know how expensive maternity clothes can be. booties brand new, mark jacobs designer jeans. >> 200-dollar jeans in our store $35. >> for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. >> one of philadelphia's most terrifying haunted houses is open for business. terror behind the walls kicked off it's 25th season last night. visitors can decide whether to explore the prison or interact with the zombies.
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if they accept the choice, they can be sent into hidden passageways where more terror awaits it runs through november 7. need a rail pass for a travel into pope francis' visit. we have tickets that will be made available today. johnny depp is unrecognizable is he chains into a notorious person in a
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. saturday september 19. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." new overnight a car lands in an appliance store on the boulevard. another upside this after both collide. pope francis embarks on a ten day trip that begins in havana, cuba before heading to the u.s. >> donald trump takes heat from all sides including the white house for failing to correct a man who called obama a muslim. we'll get to those stories, let's go over


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